FOCUSED ON LOCAL ARTS, CULTURE, COMMUNITY: All filmmakers should submit films that align with the StoryBoard Memphis mission in supporting* and spotlighting local arts, community, history and culture through the power of storytelling.

*While StoryBoard advocates support of local community and culture, by shining spotlights on important topics, StoryBoard encourages filmmakers to submit films they are passionate about, including those with challenging or difficult topics; filmmakers are welcome, where appropriate, to submit content that exposes audiences to issues that raises awareness to aspects, characteristics or conditions of cultural and/or social importance in any of the local, regional, or national and international categories. All such content is nonetheless subject to review by our screeners and StoryBoard’s board of directors.

MEMPHIS and MID-SOUTH CONNECTIONS. Memphis has national and world-wide connections and influences beyond the most obvious examples of Elvis and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Filmmakers submitting films from the national and international arenas are encouraged, but not required, to submit content that spotlights Memphis connections. (Examples: New York City has strong historical ties to Memphis through the cotton industry and fashion; the Jewish immigrant community has strong, ongoing roots in Memphis and its environs due in part to the city’s history of tolerance; the Memphis photographer Ernest Withers played a significant role in exposing to the world the story of the brutally murdered Emmett Till in 1955  – Withers captured the only photo taken during the formal trial proceedings in Sumner, Mississippi, and while he himself did not capture the images of Till’s body, it was Mr. Withers who developed and helped distribute the horrifying photos of the boy from Chicago, lying in an open casket.)

FILMS COMPLETED-BY GUIDELINES. Being a new festival and unique in its mission, and considering pandemic disruptions for filmmakers’ opportunities in 2020 and 2021, we understand that many filmmakers have films on the shelf that have never seen the light of day. Therefore we will accept films that were in production and/or completed as of January 1, 2020 provided they have not been otherwise released or shown, and that meet the RULES & TERMS below.